Online: 14.08.2020, 16:00
We get to know Julia, and write our first program, Preview
Online: 21.08.2020, 16:00
And Multiply a child's add game with Julia
Online: 28.08.2020, 16:00
Today, also Eva comes in and helps with input, processing and output

Themen, mit denen wir uns beschäftigen


Python die Schlange unter den Programmiersprachen "Playful programming began to learn" everything. With the approval of the Hasso Plattner Institute of the University of In Potsdam, we offer a Python programming course.

Here you will find Example of Andreas.

This year, we will start with the programming language Julia, and Exercises, which to the knowledge of the 4. Class oriented. This course is offered exclusively online, but know what it's like now all of the children by the school.

Then, we will be completing together the Python programming course from OpenHPI, and much of the Julia price find. But in this course, the Exercises are demanding, finally, you're not a beginner anymore.


Free BSD, ein Unix der alten Schule A jumble of submarine cables, telephone lines, and satellite or Bush drums and smoke signals?

How does the Internet, what IP addresses are, what Domains are?

Questions, questions and we have answers!

With the learning software Filius we will meet an example of a network and simulate it.

To do this, let's look at a typical LAN/Wi-Fi network as it has today, almost every home -and connect virtual machines to the Switch and the Router.

The learning software is free and available for Windows and Linux.

Hardware & operating systems

Tux, das Linux We are dealing with the operating system Linux and Windows and the use of a Server in a data center STRATO AG.

Together, we will get to know a Raspberry Pi and programming. A model railway is to us available on which we can then trains with our self-made program to can.

We are going to install on a machine with a free Linux, with the Wi-Fi connect and also active use. For us is Linux Mint or Knoppix is a good choice.

Safety & social

Tux, das Linux We are talking of questions about security, such as Firewall and browser settings.
We shall, however, bullying is also about the dangers of the Internet, such as (Cyber -), Computer viruses and Trojan entertain niche horses.

The most Important is that you are always with Your parents and teachers contact addiction, as soon as you find something weird or not understood.

Glad you can also in the course of, or independent of them individually ask us about this, but parents and teachers are the main contact person and they know you best.