Online: 14.08.2020, 16:00
We get to know Julia, and write our first program, Preview
Online: 21.08.2020, 16:00
And Multiply a child's add game with Julia
Online: 28.08.2020, 16:00
Today, also Eva comes in and helps with input, processing and output

About us


Roberto will lead you through the world of the Computer.
Roberto was born 55 years ago in Saxony, and lived for more than 20 years in Berlin and at the WBG "Berolina" eG and here are the:

Hi Kids, I

  • am a graduate engineer and high voltage engineer and know my way around electricity and energy well ,
  • I have electrical engineering (TH Zittau, TU Bratislava) and business Informatics (FH Zwickau) studied,
  • 've written in 1986 my first program on an Atari
  • program since this first encounter, first as a Hobby, and for many years professionally at a large German IT - and telecommunication companies
  • also, adult allowed, since 1991, in the meantime, the Computer, mathematics, and Computer close
  • since 2017 I offer to volunteer, but not exclusively, interested Kids a free programming course and a lot of matching Events and techniques
  • particularly love Perl, Python, Linux, networks, and databases, as well as good food and motorcycles.
You can reach me Roberto. I'll talk to you in English, Spanish, and English.


Andreas, the type for all the cases.
Andreas is a true Berliner and lives for 12 years in the WBG "Berolina" eG and looks so:

Hello people, my name is Andreas and

  • now switch from primary to secondary
  • am a conductor, attendant and driver at the BPE Berlin Park railway gGmbH
  • love Windows and Linux, and am familiar with Python, Bash, Powershell, and Git
  • program also Minecraft and Roblox
  • deal also with the creation of Videos

In den Sommerferien habe ich eine Prüfung über die Programmiersprache Python und eine Prüfung über die Versionsverwaltung Git abgelegt und in beiden ein tolles Zeugnis bekommen.

You can reach me Andreas. I'll talk to you in German, English and Russian.


Python is not a snake, as a programming language on any computer at home.

Python is also a programming language.


Tux, the Lord of hosts, routers, navigation systems, and much more.

Linux is the smart Alternative.


Beastie is the Symbol of FreeBSD, a Unix operating system and hangs out mostly on servers on the Internet.

Networks and security with Free-BSD

Who our Kids are?

Since 2017, we carry this computer course in Berlin. At the time, we were the first group, which, with the approval of the Hasso Plattner Institute University of Potsdam Kids through this Course led.

This course was offered until the end of 2019 as a classroom-based course on Fridays, interrupted it is only through the school holidays, and various Events and excursions. Our Kids visited, the following Schools In Berlin:

From the academic year 2020/2021, we run the course jointly with the WBG "Berolina" EC in Berlin Mitte.

Therefore, we are particularly pleased with all the Kids that live like we at the WBG "Berolina" of the EC and, of course, to all of the other children.

Who supports us?

In principle, we are happy about every visit, you should be at least 10 years old. There are no special Prior knowledge required. Important a little time and opportunity to come to us. Each and every one can at any time participate in the A break from a course or stop. The school has priority in any case.
We are pleased about the visit of parents, educators and teachers and other interested adults. The course is intended for children and young people and oriented to their interests and skills.

We would like to thank:

  • the WBG "Berolina" EC in Berlin;
  • the Hasso Plattner Institute, Potsdam University, for the provision of the course materials;
  • the Zuse Institute Berlin, Free University of Berlin, for the insights into the Supercomputer, and their research topics;
  • of STRATO AG, Berlin, for the insight into the technology and the procedures;
  • many supporters at the long night of the Sciences, and the Roberta project and the presentation of methods for artificial intelligence at the Technical University of Berlin;
  • der Technischen Hochschule Wildau für Ihre spannenden Schülervorlesungen;
  • the Russian-Dutch IT company Яндекс for the Translations;
  • all parents, teachers and Directors for support and exemption for special occasions.

Information is derived in part from Wikipedia